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Stress Management Week Webinars
Monday - “What is Stress” with ACHS Marketing team members Andy Pierson and Gillian Turner

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed, but what IS stress exactly and how does it tend to affect us mentally and physically? Learn some basic ways to identify stress and also get some tips to manage it.

Tuesday - “Iron Shirt Qi Gong” with ACHS Professor Anisa Kassim

Qi Gong focuses our intent on one breath at a time, one movement at a time, which trains our mind to stay in the moment. The Iron Shirt Qi Gong series helps to strengthen our immune system as each movement enhances the associated meridian channel, thereby bringing our body into a relaxed state and into homeostasis.

Wednesday - “Holding Space for Yourself in Uncertain Times” with ACHS Admissions Advisor Molly Sykes

A conversation about setting boundaries, expectations and routines that will allow you to thrive during chaotic times. 

Thursday - “Leveraging Positive Stress to Promote Growth and Resiliency” with ACHS Dean of Students Natalie DeWitt

What if every time we encountered a problem, we took less fault personally, and instead, adopted a lens that promoted growth and commitment to our goals? In this webinar, we will discuss practicing Resiliency ABC’s, focusing on progress rather than goals, acquiring an adaptive mindset, and learning to perceive obstacles as challenges rather than dealbreakers. Join us to learn how to cultivate a mindset that fosters success, happiness, and resiliency.

Friday - “Mindfulness & Breathing: Practice to Relieve Tension & Stress in Present Times” with ACHS Graduate Student Jennifer Langsdale

Enjoy a simple and easy practice that will lift your spirits, clear your mind, and increase your focus at work, home, or during your educational studies. Jennifer is a 15 year yoga and wellness professional earning her Master’s in the Science of Aromatherapy at ACHS, and is looking forward to giving you valuable tips to get you through your semester and life practices.
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